Massage Therapies & Spa Services

The Villa offers  various therapies like facials, herbal baths, reflexology, herbs and homeopathy. Our on-site staff will assess you and recommend what they think is best for you.


What is a vacation or retreat without a soothing massage?  We offer facial and body massages, lymphatic drainage massage and even detoxifying baths in our hydrotherapy room.  Signup sheets are available for your entire stay.

Swedish massage: The classic relaxing massage comforts the muscles, enhances the circulation and soothes the nerves. Organic oils are used with time- tested, stress-releasing strokes. Swedish massage can be lighter or deeper pressure, but it is an overall, gentle, flowing technique.

Stone massage: Gently heated or cooled stones are used to warm, relax and soothe tense muscles and relieve tightness. Smooth, polished, Basalt or marble stones are coated with organic oils and moved over the skin to apply comforting therapeutic pressure. This massage is considered deeper work, but the heat and smooth, convex curves of the stones allow for a relaxing, comforting experience.

Connective tissue therapy: Fascia is web of tissue that runs contiguously head to toe and wraps and penetrates the musculature, bone and joint tissues. The fascia, with its relationship to bone is the organ most responsible for posture. It is very responsive and can be gently manipulated to release tension and improve function. CTT can be combined with other modalities and is slow and deliberate. It is targeted toward releasing the structural patterns which constrain integrated, healthy movement of muscle and bone. Connective tissue therapy is considered deeper work and is done with feedback from the client. The sustained strokes are done slowly and gently within the client’s comfort range.

Face Massage and Rejuvenation: Age-old Ayurvedic techniques are used to release patterns that create wrinkles. This relaxing massage stimulates the healing pulses which improve skin tone, soften the skin, enhance elasticity, improve the supply of nutrients delivered to the facial and neck skin areas, promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation reducing puffiness and under-eye issues. This is a very gentle massage using specialized toning strokes and energetic work and which provides a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.