Outside Aesthetics

The Villa sits on 55 acres in a remote area of East Texas. The property is in a heavily wooded area with beautiful hills, lakes and scenic trails, providing you an experience like no other.

The French Gazebo:  Nowhere in Texas will you find a gazebo like this!   Surrounded by beautiful flowering plants and trees, its interior will encourage a feeling of peace and quiet.  We often have our butterflies here, in a controlled environment, which adds to the beauty of this serene haven to relax, journal and connect with nature.

Our Fountains:  There are several fountains throughout the property that add a depth of beauty to the property.

Formal Gardens:  The Villa has several formal gardens that surround it, reminding us of the unexpected beauty of nature. 

Marble Garden:  Take yourself back to Roman times, of great orators where crowds gathered to hear remarkable minds of the time share their insights and knowledge with its listeners.   It is a perfect setting for outdoor presentations and celebrations.

The Lake:  Home to our swans, the Lake is fed by underground spring water and is the perfect backdrop for our yoga hut.

Front Courtyard Dining: Just the perfect setting to enjoy a juice or a meal!  Our outdoor courtyard dining is at one of the highest points on the property, so there are plenty of beautiful views as you dine.

The Pool:  The perfect place to cool off, relax or hike up your physical fitness with our pool exercise classes. Our pool is right next to the cabana, where we have our spa services.  We have bathrooms and showers available inside.

The Art Hut:  Here we hold our Art as Healing classes, where, even those who don’t consider themselves skilled, can tap into their inner artist and create spectacular expressions of their imagination!

The Yoga Hut:  Situated overlooking the lake, this is the most serene place to practice yoga and meditation and is frequently sought after by the area’s top yoga instructors.

Climate Controlled Lecture Hut:  The perfect place to hold a lecture, watch DVD’s or engage in discussions. 

The Villa is available for corporate retreats, yoga retreats, artist retreats, family reunions, birthdays, weddings and other events.